KNOWLEDGE FOR SURVIVAL

Nuevas Fronteras is a Spanish phrase which means
‘ NEW FRONTIERS’. In my profession as a teacher,
I gained knowledge, skills and experience which took
me to great heights everyday. From these great heights,
I viewed new horizons and reached new frontiers, in my
teaching career, all the time. The higher I went, the
further I saw and reached as the days went by; hence
the phrase NUEVAS FRONTERAS. Till date I keep reaching
new frontiers as the days go by. (Auntie Cecilia).

Nuevas Fronteras First school was established
by Auntie Cecilia ( Cecilia Tokolo Dioso) in 2001,
but began to function in September 2002. The school
has been approved by the government of Cross River
state of Nigeria and is presently operating
pre-primary and primary sections, and intends to
incorporate a secondary section in the near future.

The aim of the school is to offer quality
education to its pupils and students,
preparing them for excellence in our
changing world.

As a school established in Nigeria, the official language is English,
the second language is Spanish and French is also taught. Nuevas
Fronteras is a Spanish word which means new Frontiers. Auntie Cecilia
has many years of experience in the field of teaching and is still
exploring new frontiers to make learning a pleasure at Nuevas Fronteras.

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