11th June 2020



DATE: 4th June 2020

CLASS: Grade 5

Subject: Cultural and Creative Arts

Topic: Drama

References: New Fundamentals of Cultural and Creative Arts (J.N. Njoku)

Brief Explanation: Drama is a Greek word meaning “action” or “to do.” Drama is a form of literature. It is always enacted. In other words, drama cannot take place without action. Drama is not yet complete until it is acted out.

Notes for the Pupils

Drama is a play written for actors to perform on stage before an audience, on radio or television.

Types of drama

There are two types of drama namely: Scripted drama and non-scripted drama

  1. Scripted Drama: This type of drama has a set script. This means that it is written.
  2. Non-scripted Drama: This is an unwritten drama. It has no set script. An unscripted drama is also called improvisation drama.

People involved in drama are listed below from 1 to 3.

  1. Actor/Actress: The actor or the actress is a person who acts in a play or drama.
  2. The crew: The crew means the people working in a drama production, in exception of the actors and actresses. Examples are the producers, the stage director, the costumer, the make-up artiste etc.
  3. The Audience: The audience is a group of persons watching or listening to a play production.

Drama involves impersonation and limitation.


This is the act of pretending to be another person, or pretending to be what one is not.


Imitation copying another person’s style, manners or speech. We say that people involved in drama try to imitate qualities of the characters they are acting.

Note that:

Functions and elements of drama will come next week.


  1. What is Drama?
  2. Name the types of drama.
  3. List all the people involved in a drama.
  4. Drama involves impersonation and imitation discuss.
  5. An unwritten drama is also called ________________