11th August 2020




DATE: 12th July, 2020

CLASS: Grade 5

SUBJECT: Grammar

TOPIC : Noun Phrases and Noun Clauses

Reference: Nigerian Primary English Book 6.

Brief explanation

Notes for the Pupils

A phrase is a group of words that do not contain a subject and a verb.

A clause is a group of words that consist of a subject and a verb. A clause can stand on its own an make a meaning.

Clauses and phrases are parts of a sentence and may both exist within a sentence. Example: He is sleeping on the bed.


Clause     phrase


The first part of the sentence “He is sleeping” is a clause because it has a subject He and a verb sleeping while the second part is a phrase because it lacks both subject and verb.

Noun Phrase

This is a noun or any words in the sentence that modifies it; words that can modify nouns include articles (a, an, the), adjectives, participles, and passive pronouns. A noun phrase can be a single word.

Noun phrases can function in several different ways in a sentence. Some of the most common functions of noun phrases are:

  1. A noun phrase can be a subject.
  2. A noun phrase can be a direct object
  3. A noun phrase can be object of a preposition.
  4. A noun phrase can be an indirect object.

Examples of noun phrases

  1. As subject
    1. The yellow house is blue.
    2. The glistering snow covered the field
  2. As direct object
    1. I want a skate board
    2. Should we buy the yellow house?
  3. As object of preposition
    1. Jake rode on a skate board
    2. Lisa lives in the yellow house
  4. As indirect object
    1. Jane gave the little boy a candy.

Noun clause

The noun clause is a clause that functions like noun in the sentence. A noun clause has a subject and a verb. A noun clause is dependent or subordinate clause that works as a noun. It can be the subject of a sentence, an object or a complement.

Examples of noun clauses

  1. I remember what you said yesterday
  2. I know where the treasure is
  3. Whatever you wish is my command.
  4. What Billy did shocked his friends.



  1. What is a phrase?
  2. What is a noun clause?