6th June 2020



DATE: 2nd June 2020


SUBJECT: Basic Science

TOPIC: Characteristics of Living Things.

Reference: The science of living things page 2 and the Internet.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson the students should be able to:

  1. Carefully list all the characteristics of living things and explain each of them in detail.
  2. Answer any question coming from the topic “Characteristics of living things”.



Living things are creatures with life. The best way to identify a living thing is to find out if it has all the properties (characteristics) listed below. MR NIGER.


  1. Movement: living things can move parts or the whole of their bodies. Animals can move the whole of their bodies from one position to another. plants can only move parts of their body in response to external stimuli (a stimulus is anything that can cause reaction) some of the movement exhibited by plants are:

(a) Hydrotropism: (movement toward water)

(b) Phototropism: (movement toward light)

(c) Geotropism: (movement toward ground space)

  1. Reproduction: This is the process by which living things reproduce their kind.
  2. Nutrition: This refers to the ability to take in food. Plants can manufacture their own food by a process called photosynthesis. Most animals depend on plants for their own food. That is to say, they feed on plants.
  3. Irritability: This is also known as sensitivity. Irritability can also be called response. Living things responds to stimulus. Examples of stimuli are sharp pains, cold or heat.
  4. Growth: This refers to increase in size. Growths in plants are concentrated at the tops and is called topical growth.
  5. Excretion: This is the removal of unwanted substances from the body. Faeces is not a product of excretion. The removal of undigested solid waste from the body such as faeces is called EGESTION. Product of excretion are (i) Carbon iv oxide (ii) urea and salt, which are contained in sweat and urine.
  6. Respiration: all living organism respire (take in air- oxygen) and send out another called carbon dioxide (carbon iv oxide).


Death is not necessarily a characteristics of living things as some think because, no living thing can die while living and dead things are not living. A living thing dies when it ceases to out these processes.


  1. The movement of plants towards water sources is known as _____
  2. When living things bring out young ones that resembles them these process is called ___________
  3. Another word for irritability is known as __________
  4. The growth of plants is concentrated at the top and is known as _______
  5. Photosynthesis mostly takes place in which part of plants.
  6. The removal of waste products from the body is called ____________
  7. List and explain 5 characteristics of living thing.