11th August 2020



Day 1


DATE: 12th July, 2020


SUBJECT: Grammar

TOPIC: Active and Passive Verbs

Reference: New Concept English for Junior Secondary Schools. Book 1.

Brief explanation

Notes for the pupils

Action verbs can be written in two voices. These voices tell us whether the subject is performing the action (active voice) or receiving the action (passive voice).

When the subject of a sentence is performing the action of the verb, the sentence is written in the active voice.

Examples: The Boy   kicked the ball.

Subject    verb

Soyinka wrote many poems

Subject    verb

My grandmother made this scarf

Subject         verb

Note that in the examples given above, the subjects are performing the actions. When the subject is the doer of the action, that is the only thing a sentence needs in order for it to be written in the active voice.

When the subject of the sentence is receiving the action of the verb, the sentence is written in the passive voice.

Examples: The ball was kicked by the boy

Subject         verb

Many poems were written by Soyinka

Subject                        verb

This scarf was made by my grandmother

Subject                        verb

Note: Active voice = subject performs the action

Passive voice = subject receives the action


Change the following passive sentences to Active verbs

  1. Many buildings were demolished by the storm.
  2. The test was taken by the class.
  3. The song was composed by Ade.
  4. The yam was eaten by John.

Day 2

Simple and Compound Sentences

A sentence is a group of words that are put together to make a meaning. A complete sentence has at least a subject and a predicate and covey a complete thought.

Simple sentences and compound sentences are two of the structural types of sentences.

A simple sentence: A simple sentence is a sentence that expresses only one thought. It contains one subject and one predicate. It can also be called a clause.



  1. Abdullah is intelligent.
  2. Susan is a girl.
  3. The dog ran.
  4. The cat is sleeping.
  5. I want to become a doctor.


Compound sentences: A compound sentence has two or more clauses. These clauses are joined together using a conjunction and punctuations or both. Simply put, a compound sentence is merging two or more simple sentences with the use of a conjunction and punctuations.


  1. John came home and Mary saw him.
  2. Susan is a girl and she is beautiful.
  3. The dog is happy, but the cat is sad.
  4. I want to become a doctor because my father is a good man.


Write down 3 simple sentences and 3 compound sentences