8th June 2020



DATE: 3rd June 2020.


SUBJECT: Agricultural Science.

TOPIC: History of Agricultural Development and Problems of Agricultural Development.

Reference: Comprehensive Agriculture for Secondary Schools.

Brief Explanation:

This topic relates to the history and development of agriculture, and also closely relate to the history of man and his search for food.

Notes for The Students

  1. Hunting and Gathering of food: The early man lived by hunting wild animals and gathering wild fruits. This system was characterized by the use of primitive tools like stones, bows and arrows, traps, clubs and ploughs. There was little to eat and no reserves was made for the next farming season.
  2. Subsistence Farming: This is more advanced stage of agriculture production. The farmer specializes in the production of cash crops like cocoa, rubber, groundnut, oil palm etc. these crops are for export and they require processing into finished products.
  3. Commercial Agriculture: this is a type of farming that is done on a large scale. It involves the production of cash crops and animals in large quantity. It also involves the use of farm machines like cultivators, tractors, ploughs, harrows, planters, harvesters, etc.

Problems o agricultural development

  1. Problem of land tenure (Problem of land ownership).
  2. Problem of basic amenities.
  3. Poor transportation in the rural areas.
  4. Poor financing.
  5. Poor communication in the rural areas.
  6. Lack of good storage and processing facilities.
  7. Lack of good agricultural education.
  8. Poor tools and farm machines.
  9. Unstable policies and programs of government.
  10. Poor marketing system.
  11. Lack of proper pest and disease control.
  12. Unpredictable climate.
  13. Lack of agricultural input and also the high cost of agricultural inputs.
  14. Environmental degradation (example pollution, erosion etc.)


  1. Discuss 5 problems of agricultural development in Nigeria.

Discuss on the history of agricultural development.