22nd May 2020



DATE: 27.04.2020



TOPIC: The Triumphant Entry matt. 21:1-12, Luke 19:29-44

REFERENCE: Material: Holy Bible, Charlie religious studies 2.



The triumphant entry (Luke 19: 29 – 22)

Jesus decided to go to Jerusalem when he had completed His ministry in Galilee. Jerusalem was the religious capital of the Jews and Jesus thought it was proper to take the Gospel there. As He travelled through Samaria to Jerusalem with His disciples, He came to Bethpage which means ‘House of figs’ Bethpage was located on the slopes of mount olives. From there, Jesus sent two of His disciples to Bethpage to bring him a colt which had never been driven by anyone.

He instructed them that If they were opposed by the people, they should tell them that the Lord had need of it. When the disciples brought the colt, the people who stood by, spread their clothes, others cut palm fronds and branches of trees and spread them on the road. As Jesus rode over the clothes, palm fronds and branches of trees which were spread on the road, those who were in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover were delighted. They joined the crowd that went ahead of Jesus to shout “Hosanna to the son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and people began to ask “Who is this?” the crowd responded, “This is the Prophet, Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee”.

However, some of the Pharisees told Jesus to stop the disciples and the people from praising God for the coming of the Messiah. But Jesus said to them, “I tell you, if these were silent, the stones would cry out.

The significance of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem –

Jesus rode on a colt. Which is the symbol of humility and peace. He is no political leader or warrior but the prince of peace. The crowd spread palm fronds, branches of trees and clothes on the road for Jesus to ride on. This was an act of homage to the messiah and also pointed to the fact that Jesus came from the royal line of David, by His triumphant entry, Jesus confronted the religious leaders of the Jews. His riding into Jerusalem was a confirmation of what He taught about himself. It also confirmed the Old Testament prophecy concerning the kind or messiah He was more so, the triumphant entry confirms the faith of Christians that Jesus is indeed the savior of mankind who has come to the world.


Exercise /Assignment

Explain the significance of Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem.