8th July 2020




DATE: 12th June, 2020

CLASS: Grade 1

SUBJECT: Computer Science

TOPIC: Care of a computer

Reference: Computer Basics by Ernest Soufo and Aniekan Udoh

Brief explanation

It is important that you take good care of your laptop or desktop computer, to keep it working well. Following these easy steps will ensure that your computer lasts longer and requires less maintenance. As an added bonus, many of the steps will also maintain your computer’s speed. It is also useful to do a checks of the laptop or desktop computer once in a while so as to remove any errors or problems which might have crept in during the routine usage.

Care of a computer:

  1. Keep liquids away from your laptop.
  2. Having antivirus software available is the best defense against a virus
  3. Keep food away from your computer
  4. Do not use your computer in a room where animals are.
  5. Ideally keep the computer in a clean and dust free room.
  6. Always have clean hands when using your computer.
  7. Don’t roll your chair over the computer cord.
  8. Don’t expose your computer to rapid temperature changes.
  9. Don’t leave your laptop in a car.
  10. Have the unit cleaned annually to remove internal dust.
  11. Avoid placing heavy materials, such as books, on top of your laptop.
  12. Only use and store your computer in a well-ventilated area
  13. Don’t use your laptop on the bed.


List 10 ways by which you can take care of your computer.