19th August 2020




CLASS: Grade 3

DATE: 26th June, 2020

SUBJECT: Basic Science

TOPIC: Heat and Temperature


Brief explanation

Notes for the Pupils

Heat means make hot or warm, it is the quality of being hot. Heat is a form of energy. It flows from one place to another. Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of a substance. It is measured in degrees with a thermometer. Heat causes a change in temperature. When the body is hot, the temperature is high and when the body is cool, the temperature is low.

A thermometer

A thermometer is a standard instrument used to measure temperature.

Mercury thermometers are commonly used in measuring ordinary temperature.

Types of Thermometer

  1. Liquid-in-glass thermometer
  2. Maximum and minimum thermometer
  3. Clinical thermometer
  4. Digital thermometer

Note: The normal human body temperature is 370C

Units of temperature

  1. Celsius Scale 0C
  2. Fahrenheit scale 0F
  3. Kelvin scale K

Celsius scale is from 00C to 1000C it is the most commonly used.

Fahrenheit scale is 320F

Kelvin scale from 273K to 373K

Differences between heat and temperature

  Heat Temperature
1. Heat is a form of energy Temperature is the degree of

hotness or coldness of the body

2. Heat causes the change in

degree of temperature.

Temperature is heat generated.
3. Unit of measuring it is

calories and joule in SI unit

Temperature measured in degree Celsius, Kelvin or degree Fahrenheit
4. Heat is obtained from solar energy Temperature is obtained when a substance is cold or heated.
5. Heat is the change that flows. Temperature determines the direction of the heat flow.



  1. Name any three types of thermometers.
  2. Write the units and symbols of temperature.