19th August 2020




CLASS: Grade 3

DATE: 26th June, 2020

SUBJECT: National Values

TOPIC: Importance of Phone Numbers


Brief explanation

Notes for the Pupils

The usefulness of phone numbers is beyond communication; it is a useful identity to every citizen of a country. Phone number means  – a number that is assigned to a telephone line or a specific phone that is used to call. That phone or phone number that you use to call a particular phone.

Importance of phone number

  1. A phone number is used for financial transactions.
  2. It serves as a strong security.
  3. It proves identity and age.
  4. It helps us to talk to customer care when there’s a problem.
  5. Not everyone is connected to the internet, so a phone number helps in reaching out to people.
  6. It is a very fast and easy means of communication.

Phones are the perfect way of staying connected to others and they provide the user with a sense of security in case of emergency, having a cell phone can allow help to reach you quickly and could possibly save lives. With the phone you can do the following:

  1. Have access to the internet.
  2. Send and receive photos and files from one person or the other.
  3. In the event of loss of a phone, it can be detected easily through the use of technology.

Advantages of having a smartphone

  1. Instant communication
  2. Web surfing
  3. Camera – for selfies
  4. Entertainment
  5. Education
  6. Privacy

Disadvantages of having a smartphone

  1. Costly
  2. Poor social interaction
  3. Distraction
  4. Health issues – eye problems, lack of sleep.
  5. Addiction – games, social media.
  6. Extra workload.


  1. How many digits does a phone number have in Nigeria? Give two examples.

Note: in addition, all cell phones in Nigeria begin with a three-digit prefix e.g. 070, 080, 081, 090. Nigeria international dialling code is +234