11th August 2020





DATE: 12th July, 2020

CLASS: Grade 4

SUBJECT: Grammar

TOPIC: World Religions and Words Pertaining to Them

Reference: Mastering English

Brief explanation

Notes for the pupils

Religion is the belief of a supernatural ruling power known as supreme being who is the creator of the universe. People all over the world have different ways of worshiping the supreme being.

There are several religions in the world but the three major religions in Nigeria are:

  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
  3. Traditional religions

Today we will be studying words pertaining to Christian religions

  1. Christianity – Religion founded by Jesus Christ.
  2. Christians – Believers in the teaching of Christ.
  3. Hallelujah – A Hebrew word meaning praise God.
  4. Church -A place of worship for Christians.
  5. Diocese – A district of which a bishop is in charge.
  6. Holy Bible – Holy Book of Christians.
  7. Laity – Ordained members of the church.
  8. Mass – Celebration of the Eucharist or the lord’s                                                   supper by Catholics.
  9. Requiem – A mass for the dead.
  10. Blasphemy – Speaking against God the creator.
  11. Deacon – The clergy man lower in rank than priest/pastor.
  12. Missionary – One whose job is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  13. Gospel -The account of the life of Jesus Christ written by Mathew, Mark, Luke and John the Evangelist.
  14. Hymn – Songs used in worship.
  15. Christmas – A feast for remembering the birth of Jesus Christ.
  16. Easter – A feast for remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave.
  17. Good Friday – A feast for remembering the death of Jesus on the cross.
  18. Cassock – A long loose gown worn by a priest, canons or pastors.
  19. Pilgrimage – Journey to holy land – Jerusalem.



Write down 10 words pertaining to Christian religion, they must be different from the ones you have already been given in this lesson.