11th August 2020




DATE: 12th July, 2020

CLASS: Grade 4

SUBJECT: Grammar

TOPIC: World Religion and Words Pertaining to Them

Reference: Mastering English

Brief explanation

Last week, we studied the three major world religions which are Christianity, Islam and Traditional Religion and we particularly studied the Christian religion and the words pertaining to it. In our lesson this week, we will be considering the Islam and traditional religions and the words pertaining to them.

Notes for the Pupils

The Islamic religion and the words pertaining to it

  1. Islam – The religion of peace and submission to God’s will, it is a religion of Allah.
  2. Muhammed – The last prophet and the messenger of God.
  3. Khadijah – Wife of prophet Muhammed.
  4. Muslims – believers in Islam
  5. Holy Quran – Holy book of Muslims.
  6. Salat – A Muslim way of worshipping almighty Allah.
  7. Arabia – The country where Islam was founded.
  8. Mecca – Birth place of Prophet Muhammad in 571AD.
  9. Cave hira – The cave where prophet Muhammad prayed and meditated daily.
  10. Mosque – Muslim place of worship.
  11. Sharia – The law that guides mankind to the attainment of Allah’s pleasure.
  12. Sultan – A Muslim leader or ruler.
  13. Imam – A leader of the Muslims in congressional prayers.
  14. Ramadan – The Muslim month of fasting.
  15. Hajj – Pilgrimage to Mecca the holy land at least once in one’s life time.
  16. Jihad – striving in the cause Allah.
  17. Mawlidal-Nabiyyi – Birthday of Prophet Muhammed.
  18. Id el-Kabir – Greater festival or the festivals of the sacrifice.
  19. Id el Fitri – The festival of the breaking of the fast.
  20. Ablution – A spiritual bath which a Muslim has before every prayer through washing of nostrils, face, arms, elbow, cleaning of ears with fingers, rinsing the mouth with water and washing the feet to the ankle.

The traditional religion and the words pertaining to it:

  1. Traditional religion – Religion founded by our ancient forefathers.
  2. Traditionalist – believers in traditional religion.
  3. Shrine – place of worship of traditionalists.
  4. Shrine priest – The one who conduct services at shrines.
  5. god and goddess – Also worshiped by traditionalist.


  1. what is the name of the holy book of the following religious groups?
    1. Islam ___________
    2. Christianity ________________
    3. Traditionalist ______________________
  2. Name the founders of the following religions
    1. Islam
    2. Christianity
    3. Traditional religion
  3. What religion is known for the following?
    1. Ablution ______________
    2. Pentecost _____________
    3. Jumat ________________