11th August 2020




DATE: 12th July, 2020


SUBJECT: Grammar

TOPIC: World Religions and word pertaining to them

Reference: Mastering English

Brief explanation

In the past two weeks you have studied the three major world religions which are: Christianity, Islam and traditional religion.in our lesson this week we shall be considering other world religions.

Notes for the Pupils

  1. Judaism – The religion founded by the Jews.
  2. Judases – Believers in Judaism.
  3. Talmud – Holy Book of Judaism containing the old testament of the Holy Bible.
  4. Monotheism – Belief in one God – chief belief of Judaism.
  5. Temple – General place of worship.
  6. Synagogue – local place of worship.
  7. Hinduism – The religions founded by Indians in about 1500BC.
  8. Hindus – Believers in Hinduism.
  9. Nigveda and Brahamas – Holy book of Hindus.
  10. Yoga – meditation, Hindus chief means of prayers and purity.
  11. Samsara – Reincarnation.
  12. Buddhism – The religion founded by Gautama Buddha of India.
  13. Buddhist – Believer in Buddhism.
  14. Tripitaka – Holy Book of Buddhist.
  15. Nirvana – Eternal happiness for righteous people.
  16. Confucianism – The religion founded by Confucius of Lu in China.
  17. Confucians – Believer in Confucianism.
  18. Lun Yu – Holy Book of Confucians.
  19. Shintoism – The religion founded by the Japanese in about 800BC.
  20. Shintoist – Believer in Shintoism.
  21. Kojiki – Holy Book of Shintoism.
  22. Ancestor worship – One of Shintoist practices.
  23. Taoism – The religion founded by Lao-tsu of china in about 600BC.
  24. Taoism – Believers in Taoism.
  25. Supreme God – chief object of worship.
  26. Hero worship – One of the beliefs including magical and mystical rites.
  27. Nature worship – Another major belief including life after death
  28. leching – Taoist Holy Book.
  29. Sikhism – The religion founded in about 1200BC by Guru Nanak of Punjab in India.
  30. Sikhs – Believers in Sikhism.
  31. Granfh Sahib – Sacred Book of Sikhs.
  32. Reincarnation – Beliefs in rebirths after death.


Name three other religions outside the three major religions