8th July 2020




DATE: 4th July, 2020

CLASS: Intermediate

SUBJECT: Composition

TOPIC 1: Things I do Every day.

TOPIC 2:  My School.

TOPIC 3: What I do on Sundays.

REFERENCE: As directed by Auntie Cecilia

BRIEF EXPLANATION: Essay or composition builds up creativity in writing, self-expression, rich vocabulary, good hand-writing, good imagination etc. Children should be encouraged to write often. At the beginning, the children will be able to write on what they have experienced but as they progress in their writing, they should be encouraged and guided to write fictitious compositions which are based only on imagination. The children should be made to write three compositions per week. Each composition written at this stage should not be less than 10 lines. They should be encouraged to write neatly and handle their books carefully with clean hands and not to soil them. Below is an example of how the children should set the heading of each composition, beginning with writing the date, then the subject and the title of the composition. This pattern of setting up the heading of a composition, must always be used.

The three topics must be treated on three different days.

Here is an example


Saturday,4thJuly, 2020.


Things I do Every day


The things I do every day are: I say my prayers, wash my face, whenever I wake up from sleep.

Then brush my teeth and take my bath. I help my mummy in the kitchen to cook and also do my home chores like sweeping or washing of plates.

I also assist my daddy every day to wash his car, polish his shoes and mine.

Most importantly I read my books and do my homework and also make sure my school bag is arranged for the next day.

I go to school with my friends every day except on Saturdays and Sundays.


Now write an easy on the topic “Things I do Every day”