14th July 2020




DATE: 12th June, 2020

CLASS: Intermediate

SUBJECT: Composition

TOPIC 1: My Friend.

TOPIC 2:  My English Book.

TOPIC 3:  Play Time in School.

Reference: As directed by Auntie Cecilia.

BRIEF EXPLANATION: Essay or composition builds up creativity in writing, self-expression, rich vocabulary, good hand-writing, good imagination etc. Children should be encouraged to write often. At the beginning, the children will be able to write on what they have experienced but as they progress in their writing, they should be encouraged and guided to write fictitious compositions which are based only on imagination. The children should be made to write three compositions per week. Each composition written at this stage should not be less than 8 lines but could be longer. The children should be encouraged to write neatly and handle their books carefully with clean hands and not to soil them. Below is an example of how the children should set the heading of each composition, beginning with writing the date, then the subject and the title of the composition. This pattern of setting up the heading of a composition, must always be used.

The three topics stated above must be treated on three different days.

This is a sample composition on the topic My Friend.

                        Wednesday, 12th June, 2020.


My Friend

My friend’s name is Elsa Bassey Edem she is 6 years old.

She is fair in complexion and tall.

Elsa is from Odukpani Local Government Area in Cross River State.

She is in the Intermediate A class.

She is very beautiful and intelligent.

Her best food is coconut rice.

She loves watching cartoons and reading story books.

Her parents love her because she is hardworking.

We play together during our break time in school.

Elsa puts on a clean uniform each day. She is a clean girl.

I love my friend very much because she is kind and humble.


Now write an easy on the topic  My Friend.